Baby Monitor - BiPAP filter

From all the baby monitors we tested, only one monitor offered the most features, security and noise filtering.  The Phillips AVENT DECT baby monitor.  We opted for the model that displayed the humidity and temperature but there are model that are less expensive that don't have those options.  The noise filtering the monitor has does the most amazing thing when used with a BiPAP.  It filters the BiPAP sound almost completely out.  All you hear is your child even the smallest sounds.  The other monitors we tested just amplified the "whoosh whoosh" of the BiPAP which overpowered the soft noises a SMA child makes.  The little grunts of discomfort were drown in a sea of BiPAP interference.  We were also impressed at the range of the DECT monitor.  We literally could be 100 yards from our home and still pick up the monitor sound clear as a bell.

The DECT monitor also offers a nightlight, lullaby feature (model dependent), and two way voice communication.  I can tell my daugher that I'm coming when I hear her wake in pain of discomfort.  I can also communicate with someone in my daughter's room without needing to yell down the hallway.  

The Phillips AVENT DECT monitor truly is the best option available on the market today for the price.

You can purchase this monitor from Amazon via this link:  Phillips DECT monitor w/ temperature sensor;  Phillips DECT monitor with temperature and humidity