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Welcome to InsideSMA where we are dedicated to providing knowledge and products for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Our goal at InsideSMA is to provide you with the tools you need to support a child with SMA.  We accomplish this by covering many of the most important, life-impacting topics that SMA parents face, such as:  Emergency Care, Mucus Plugs, Maintaining Movement, Preventing Contractures, Keeping your Child Healthy, and so many more.  Our articles are created by SMA parents and written specifically for SMA parents.  Our articles are written with a "hands-on" approach to caring for your SMA child even in the event of an emergency, so this may not be for all people.

In addition to the articles, we also offer specific SMA-related products.  The Arm Slings. which are custom-made by us. will enable your child to move their arms in ways you never thought possible.  The slings are a very important tool not only for playtime, but also in fine motor skill development.  Arm slings are something you simply cannot live without.  The BiPAP Tube Covers are a new product, but one that has been available in the CPAP market for quite some time.  The Tube Covers or "Wraps" keep the BiPAP hose warmer when used in conjunction with a heated humidifier.  Keeping the tube warm helps to reduce the condensation and adds some comfort in an aesthetically pleasing, non-medical way.  We will be adding new colors and fabrics to the wraps and slings so check back often as our stock changes.

At InsideSMA your opinion is always valued; we welcome all of your comments and feedback.  Each article has a comment section below that we encourage you to fill out.  In addition, we offer a Contact Us link where you can recommend a particular article you'd like to see posted on this site.