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InsideSMA is a subsidiary website of Goodentree.com. InsideSMA was created to satisfy what we thought was a need for straight advice and answers. There are forums where SMA treatment is discussed but it far to difficult to find the important information when you need it. Forums, serve a purpose, which is to allow for discussion of a topic so all opinions are listed. There are a few SMA topics that are truly not opinion based - such as dealing with a mucus plug. Topics like this need a quick upfront answer because it could be a parent who needs the answer now, and they don't have time to read four dozen posts and personal stories. These quick answers is what we attempt to provide at InsideSMA.


Goodentree is a personal blog that my wife and I started before our daughter was born. Our family lives far from us to the blog was the best way to stay connected. Goodentree tracked the entire pregnancy and obviously then followed our diagnosis of our daughter Nora. The website slowly became something else then and our fans grew far beyond what we would have ever expected. Due to our efforts and my daughter's sheer determination and love of life, we have made it past the two year mark for a Type-1 SMA child.