BiPAP Hose Wrap Info

Fleece Hose Wrap

In winter or summer, there is some benefit to be gained by wrapping your humidified BiPAP hose.  The theory behind the product is sound: if there is high humidity, and the air outside the hose is cooler then the warm humid air in the hose, condensation occurs. CPAP users have known about this miracle of modern technology for years - they even have a term for heavy condensation in their tubing, which they call "RAINOUT."   This is a relatively unused product for BiPAP users for some reason.  If you keep your house cold or you are exploring the town, running BiPAP off your EasyS AddyTray equipped stroller, then you should have your hose covered.

So does it actually work? We think so, and apparently so does Respironics, because they also sell a fleece one.

There definitely are other benefits to the hose wraps besides keeping the condensation down.  One benefit is: they just look less medical.  The hose screams "Medical!  Stare at me!," so covering it with warm and fun patterned fleece is an accessory you cannot do without.


  • Decreased condensation
  • Less medical look
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Keeps hose clean
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Machine washable
  • Available in variety of fabric patterns