Respironics Mask - Whistle fix

PN831 mask

It's perhaps the best mask on the market in many of the rating areas (size, fit, durability), but it is probably the noisiest mask we have ever used. In our experience the mask was so noisy, impeded us from hearing our child via a baby monitor - we only heard the whistle sound. We love the mask for all the other reasons so we began to search for a way to make the mask quiet without blocking the vent holes. We had great success after a few attempts and would like to share our procedure. Our own daughter uses this tape method.

Note: There should not be any blocked or reduced airflow through the vents using this technique. With the tape method using a Trilogy 100, we registered a 34 leak rate. Without the tape, we registered a 34 leak rate, so you can clearly see, if done properly, this method does not restrict airflow. If you see a significant decrease in the leak rate, immediately disconnect the mask and widen the holes by inserting a PIN through the tape and moving it in circles. Once again, the goal is not to restrict any airflow but to simply slightly change the shape of the holes.

What you'll need:

The important thing you need to understand is where the mask "whistle" noise comes from. It only makes the noise out of the two larger circle openings on the left and right side of the mask. The additional mask vents do not produce the whistle.

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The first step is cutting two pieces of tape about a 1/4 inch wide and 1/2 inch long. We used medipore tape which already has pores and is breathable, but any similar breathable tape should work.

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We place the small pieces of tape over the two holes from the inside of the mask. Be sure the tape has enough "stick" that it won't come loose easily.

Next, we take the safety pin and poke it through the tape from the inside out then wiggle it a bit. We are essentially widening the hole in the tape to closely match the vent port on the mask

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If you did the work correctly, you should be able to clearly see two large holes in the tape from the front.

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Now enjoy the ability to hear your child over the baby monitor instead of just the mask whistle noise.

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Performing this tape modification should not block any airflow. Pay attention to your leak rate as well as your child oxygen saturation when on the modified mask. If there is any decrease immediately remove the mask and either widen the holes or remove the tape altogether. These instructions are provided only as an example of what we do to silence the mask. This is our solution, and following our instructions are done at your own risk.