Therapy Vest - Chest physical therapy

Parents, who have this wonderful product, often ask which settings the machine should be using for a therapy session. This is a personal decision and all children are different so, although we will share the setting that work well for us, you still may need to only use it as a starting point for your child. Respirtech The Respirtech support person I called when the Incourage system arrived told me the best piece of advice for using it: She said "Use the highest settings she can take without being in pain". 

She then went on to say how as she [our daughter] grows, so should the intensity of the therapy session.

Quick vs. Program

Another great tip I received shortly afterwards was the warning to use programs instead of the "Quick Therapy" options. It is vital that you understand why one is not as good as the other. The programs keep track of the seconds/minutes/hours used in therapy. Quick sessions do not. So if an insurance company ever challenged the claim you were not using the system, and you only use the Quick method, you will have zero minutes used. It is a software bug that she said was supposed to be fixed in the later versions. Our quick therapy sessions do not count minutes and we are running version:

The Program

Frequency vs. hertz
Frequency is how fast it shakes and Hertz is how hard it shakes. To help you remember, just think the part that hurts would be the Hertz. :)

So our programs are the following. With the Incourage machine, you can have three programs which we rotate through the three and we've nicknamed

InCourange Vest

Program 1 (the hard hitter)
Stage 1: 13hz 40% Freq.
Stage 2: 23hz 30% Freq.
Stage 3: 14hz 50% Freq.
Stage 4: 25hz 60% Freq.
Stage 5: 12hz 30% Freq.

Program 2 (the speed demon)
Stage 1: 23hz 40% Freq.
Stage 2: 23hz 50% Freq.
Stage 3: 14hz 50% Freq.
Stage 4: 25hz 50% Freq.
Stage 5: 18hz 40% Freq.

Program 3 (the body slam)
Stage 1: 10hz 50% Freq.
Stage 2: 25hz 50% Freq.
Stage 3: 10hz 50% Freq.
Stage 4: 25hz 60% Freq.
Stage 5: 10hz 60% Freq.

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